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Focus on fatcat VC pay prompts expected response 9 March, 2006

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VC salaries of up to £200,000, exposed by a Times Higher survey, have led to union calls for greater public scrutiny of top management pay awards following VC pay increases of over 25 per cent since 2003.

And guess what the fatcats’ response was? “‘Vice-chancellors do a demanding job as chief executives of complex, multi-million pound organisations. Their remuneration packages reflect what it takes to attract, retain and reward individuals of sufficient calibre, experience and talent in a growing sector. UK HE institutions are now operating in an increasingly competitive global market and as such, candidates require the necessary experience and talent to meet this challenge. Education and training exports are worth £10.2 billion to the UK economy. International higher education is a major export industry that could be worth £20 billion to the UK economy by 2020.'”

The THES editorial said: ‘Until the leaders of higher education show the same restraint they are demanding from the unions, disputes like the current one are bound to be well supported.’

THES survey of vice chancellors’ pay 2004-5



1. Richard - 9 March, 2006

Agree with those brave strikers.

Stand up and be counted for once

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