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Rhetoric 7 March, 2006

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Another day, another round of mischief from the employers. Just days after the SU at Bournemouth reiterated its support for our action, the university emailed students and staff with their own, eccentric version of events.

“You are urged to follow the advice of the Students’ Union and attend the University as usual tomorrow,” the university advised – the same SU which last week said: “The NUS is backing the strikers and is going further by suggesting that they are allowed an increase to the tune of 30%….This Student Union backs the strikers in the short term and hopes that they are paid what they are entitled to receive.”

Just three minutes after the email to students, the university fired another message round to staff in deliberately inflammatory and divisive terms: “Natfhe are entitled under the law to have peaceful picket lines operating to demonstrate in support of their action. All staff, students and visitors are equally entitled to enter the University as usual and to go about their normal business and this email is to reassure you about any concerns that you may have on this point.”

It would be laughable were it not so malicious. However much those of us taking action see ourselves as some kind of revolutionary vanguard, the implication of this email, that today’s picket-lines might be a re-enactment of Orgreave in 1984 were it not for the stern resolve of the university’s director of human resources, hardly reflects the Thermos-and-cold-feet banality that will greet those turning up today.



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